Super Capacitors as alternative to battery power storage

#SuperCapacitor as alternative to #battery #power #storage is already in many research labs. Here is some of the important features of it.

Supercap vs Battery

The most common battery technology is OK for today, but continuing forward we will need a battery that is safer, faster, cheaper, and denser than the current ones.

There is a global search for new energy storage technology, and this new
ultra capacity super capacitor has the potential to open the door to
unimaginably exciting developments,” said Dr. Brendan Howlin of the University
of Surrey.



Best Ways To Store Your 3D Printing Filament

Moisture and humidity. These words send shivers down the spines of 3D printing filament worldwide. The very mention of it could mean your 3D models looking more like The Walking Dead as each day passes. And yes, I still see images of people leaving their filament out in the open, bare to the elements. Keeping your filament dry results in high 3D print quality, increased accuracy, as well as many other benefits. In this article, I’ll be giving you some of the best ways to store your 3D printing filament, enjoy.

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