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Apollo 11’s Source Code Released on Github

Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.

Original Apollo 11 guidance computer (AGC) source code for Command Module (Comanche055) and Lunar Module (Luminary099). Digitized by the folks at Virtual AGC and MIT Museum. The goal is to be a repo for the original Apollo 11 source code. As such, PRs are welcome for any issues identified between the transcriptions in this repository and the original source scans for Luminary 099 and Comanche 055, as well as any files I may have missed.

Github repo: https://github.com/chrislgarry/Apollo-11


Blue Origin Successful Vertically Landing a Rocket

#BlueOrigin Successful Vertically Landing a #Rocket

Blue Origin has made history by vertically landing a rocket after launching it into space? Remember when they reused that same rocket and then landed it again? Well, today Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, once again, launched that very same New Shepard rocket and successfully landed it for a third time.

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China Released True Color HD Photos Of The Moon

#China Released True #Color HD #Photos Of The #Moon

This month, the China National Space Administration released all of the images from their recent moon landing to the public. There are now hundreds and hundreds of never-before-seen true color, high definition photos of the lunar surface available for download.

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#SpaceElevator soon to become a reality

A Canadian company named Thoth Technology, was awarded Patent For ‘Space Elevator’, this tell us a #SpaceElevator soon to become a reality, In addition to taking the elevator for funsies, large equipment could theoretically be pushed up to space at a much lower cost. Having a patent is one thing; actually building it is another. Give me a buzz when I can buy my ticket to space.

Google was even working on its own headed up by Astro Teller and the X group.

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