Raspberry Pi Foundation merges with CoderDojo Foundation

#RaspberryPi Foundation merges with #CoderDojo Foundation

(Raspberry Pi Foundation)[] has announced a merger with Irish computing charity The CoderDojo Foundation in order to bring easy access low-cost computing skills to as many people as bloody need them. Read the official anoucment


HiKey 960 a RaspberryPi look like SBC for Android Development.

Huawei’s HiKey 960 computer board is priced at US$239 but has some of the
latest CPU and GPU technologies. Developed in collaboration with Google, ARM, Huawei, Archermind, and LeMaker.

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Pi-hole a Raspberry Pi based network-wide ad blocker

#Pihole a #Raspberry Pi based network-wide #adblocker

Pi-hole is a software that turns your Pi into a Network wied ad blocker. Pi-hole Block ads for all your devices without the need to install client-side software. The Pi-hole blocks ads at the DNS-level, so all your devices are protected.

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Microsoft Cortana on RaspberryPi

#Microsoft #Cortana on #RaspberryPi

Followed by the release of Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2 / 3for-raspberry-pi-2-3/ Microsoft has added support for Cortana to its Windows 10 IoT Core operating system. This enabled Raspberry Pi 3 owners will be able to interact with Microsoft’s virtual assistant after installing the Creators Update for the OS. Users will be able to use Cortana on a Raspberry Pi 3 to interact with smart devices in their home and the virtual assistant can respond to the phrase, “Hey, Cortana”.

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Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2 / 3

#Windows10 #IoT Core for #RaspberryPi 2 / 3

Microsoft has release the Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2 / 3. The core OS image that powers Windows IoT platform on Raspberry Pi 2 & 3. Windows 10 IoT Core is the smallest version of the Windows 10 editions that leverages the Windows 10 common core architecture. This edition enables building low-cost devices with fewer resources.



Raspberry Pi Zero W launched by Raspberry Pi

In fifth birthday of #RaspberryPi a new variant of Raspberry Pi Zero was released. Raspberry Pi foundation announced the Raspberry Pi Zero W with wireless LAN and Bluetooth priced at only $10.

Checkout youtube video:

#RaspberryPiZeroW features

  • Cypress CYW43438 wireless chip for 802.11n wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • CSI camera connector
  • composite video
  • micro-USB power
  • micro-USB on the go port.

Read the official anouncment by Raspberry Pi foundation.


ASUS Tinker a RPi clone SBC from ASUS

#ASUS #Tinker is almost a complete #RaspberryPi clone

ASUS launched Tinker Board (exact clone of the Raspberry Pi, I/O pin for I/O pin). The ASUS Tinker is a bit of a mixed bag compared to the current Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board. It has double the RAM at 2 GB but it is powered by a Rockchip RK3288, a 1.8 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 processor versus the RPi 3’s Cortex-A53 chip. For almost everything else, however, the types of ports and even their locations are a dead knocker for the RPi.

Accessories, shields, and GPIO peripherals that worked on the RPi would also work on the ASUS Tinker. The price of ASUS Tinker Board is selling for 55 GBP, roughly $68 and nearly twice that of the Raspberry Pi.