ARM Adds Cortex-A32 Support To GCC Compiler

ARM Adds Cortex-A32 Support To GCC Compiler

ARM only announced the Cortex-A32 ARMv8 32-bit processor yesterday but already they’ve gone ahead and landed the support inside the GNU Compiler Collection.

It’s not an entirely big surprise that there is already compiler support baked for the Cortex-A32 considering this is just an ultra power efficient cut-down version of the ARMv8 that runs in 32-bit mode. The ARMv8 64-bit support has been maturing in both GCC and LLVM/Clang for quite some time already. However, it’s nice to see the quick turnaround time by ARM on getting the support upstream.

This commit that landed in GCC trunk this morning by ARM’s Kyrylo Tkachov adds -mcpu=cortex-a32 to GCC. This addition will be found in GCC 6.



ARM Cortex A32 from ARM

#ARM #CortexA32 from ARM

Cortex A32, a new super-small ARM core designed specifically for wearables, Internet of Things things, embedded systems, low-cost boards like the Raspberry Pi or Pi Zero, and other places where power, space, and cost savings are more important than raw performance. It uses the ARMv8 instruction set and is intended as a replacement for the older Cortex A7 and A5 architectures, both of which use the ARMv7 instruction set. However, the Cortex A32 can only run 32-bit codeā€”to save space and power, the ability to run 64-bit code has been removed.

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