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Orange Pi get Ubuntu App Store

#OrangePi gets #Ubuntu #AppStore

Makers of the OrangePi partnered with Canonical to offer an official app store for Orange Pi products running Ubuntu software. Read More on linuxgizmos.com


64-bit Orange Pi PC 2 sells under $20

64-bit #OrangePi PC 2 now available for less than $20

Orange Pi 64-bit is $20

Open spec 64-bit Orange Pi PC 2 can run Linux or Android on a quad-core A53 Allwinner H5 SoC, and offers GbE, a 40-pin RPi compatible interface, and three USB host ports. Know more about Orange Pi PC 2 .

The 64-bit Orange Pi PC 2 is available at $19.98
You can buy in on Aliexpress for $23.33 including shipping

OrangePi One – $9 competitor for RaspberryPi.

#OrangePiOne – $9 #competitor for #RaspberryPi. With $5 is will ship to your home.

For less than $14, the development board rewarding you with an Ethernet Port, HDMI output, 1x USB 2.0 host port, 1x micro USB port, CSI Interface for camera, and 3-pin UART header for serial console. One of the biggest reason that we like Orange Pi One is the 40-pin Raspberry Pi compatible header.

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$15 #OrangePi the #RaspberryPi alternate

$15 #OrangePi is compatible, alternate and revival to the famous #RaspberryPi. OrangePi is of size 108mm × 60mm and 50g in Weight

You can find this product here

OrangePi Website
Store Aliexpress Store