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OpenBCI – Open Source Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

#OpenBCI – #OpenSource Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

OpenBCI stands for open-source brain-computer interface (BCI). The OpenBCI Board is a versatile and affordable bio-sensing microcontroller that can be used to sample electrical brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), heart rate (EKG), and more. It is compatible with almost any type of electrode and is supported by an ever-growing, open-source framework of signal processing tools & applications.


Sunrise – Open Source DLP 3D Printer

#Sunrise #OpenSource #DLP #3DPrinter

DLP 3D Printing uses photopolymierizing resin to craft the parts. Parts generate layer by layer as they are cured by a projector that outputs the cross-sections of the part, into the resin. There are various mechanical structures that can be used to achieve this.

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BeagleBoard-X15 – new board open hardware computer Powered by a Sitara™ AM572x processor

#BeagleBoardX15 – new board open hardware computer Powered by a #Sitara™ #AM572x processor

BeagleBoard.org introduced the BeagleBoard-X15 Powered by a Sitara™ AM572x processor from Texas Instruments, allowing electronic innovators everywhere to have access to an open community of developers on the most powerful open hardware computer development system available.

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Ultimaker opensource’s hardware design files for Ultimaker 2 Go and Extended 3D printers

#Ultimaker #opensource’s design files for Ultimaker 2 Go and Extended 3D printers

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AXIOM – World’s first #OpenSource and #OpenHardware digital #cinema #camera

#AXIOM World’s first #OpenSource and #OpenHardware digital #cinema #camera

The Apertus project focuses on creating open source and open hardware professional digital cinematic motion picture technology. Apertus has developed Open Source and Open Hardware AXIOM series camera for professional digital image capturing platform.

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#OSVR is #OpenSource #VirtualReality updated 1.3

#OpenSource #VirtualReality in short #OSVR 1.3 released

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