OpenRex – SBC Open Source Hardware Project

#OpenRex – #SBC #OpenSource #Hardware #Project

Unlike RaspberryPi2, OpenRex is a open source project, it design, software, datasheet, etc.

Currently, the development board is planned for mass-production in Q2 2016. OpenRex is 95mm x 70mm compared with the Raspberry Pi 2‘s dimensions (85.60 mm × 56.5 mm), OpenRex is larger and harder to replace any of the Raspberry Pi or Arduino board in small spaces.

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Sunrise Version 2.0 – an open source DLP 3DPrinter project by BQLabs

#Sunrise Version 2.0 – an #opensource #DLP #3DPrinter project by BQLabs. The Sunrise Project is a research project, that aims to design an Open Source hackable DLP based 3D printing system.

DLP 3D Printing uses photopolymierizing resin to craft the parts. Parts generate layer by layer as they are cured by a projector that outputs the cross-sections of the part, into the resin. There are various mechanical structures that can be used to achieve this.

This machine has what is called a Bottom-Up structure. It has a vat, with transparent bottom, filled with resin. Underneath, an upward pointing DLP projector shoots light through the bottom window. The light striking on a downward pointing build surface cures the resin, forming a new layer. Repeating this process, curing one layer below the previous one, ends up crafting the whole part, upside down.

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A Tour inside Olimex an Open Hardware Company in Bulgaria

A Tour inside #Olimex an #OpenHardware Company in #Bulgaria

Tsvetan started Olimex in 1991, developing and manufacturing for companies in the Turkish market. They needed a reliable manufacturer to produce boards for kitchen appliances. Tsvetan purchased land and buildings from a furniture hinge factory which had begun to collapse to use as his factory. In the early 2000, when the whole market changed and moved to China, Tsvetan transformed his business-to-business model to serve more niche customers.

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OZER Hexapod Open-Hardware Robot

OZER Hexapod #OpenHardware #Robot that can be #3dprinted

OZER is a work in progress to develop a totally functional hexapod for exploring functions on unstructured terrains. Keeping as main objectives the development of a low cost, easy to construct, assemble and operate structure which allows the reconfiguring of the platform for new uses.

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Autodesk Open Sources Ember 3D Printer Electronics and Firmware

#Autodesk #OpenSources #Ember #3DPrinter #Electronics and #Firmware
Autodesk Open Sources Ember 3D Printer Electronics and Firmware

On Sep 21, 2015 released Ember’s electronics and firmware are now open-source and are available for you to download, inspect, modify, and make improvements. The electronics are shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, the same license under which we’ve shared Ember’s resin and mechanical designs; the firmware is licensed under GNU GPL (see the source code itself for the full details).

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Dobot: Open Source Robotic Arm Kit for Everyone

#Dobot an #OpenSource #Robotic Arm Kit for Everyone

Dobot has been created by a team of six engineers based in San Francisco California and has been designed to provide a 4-axis high accuracy, high repeat precision, stepper motor, Arduino-based, desktop robotic arm for makers, educators and anyone else there would like to learn more about robotics and have their very own precision desktop programmable robotic arm.

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