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How to Build a High Speed Photographic System with Arduino

#Howto #Build a High Speed #Photographic System with #Arduino

High speed photgraphy is a techique used to take photo of events that occurs very fast, example like the bullet through the apple or the milk drop crown.

Here are two projects you can try build yourself

via hackaday.com 1 & 2


Project How To Build Your Own Vacuum Chamber

#Project #HowTo Build Your Own Vacuum Chamber

Video http://www.youtube.com/embed/Vv0ECOX0JSM/

Chris Notap shows you how he created a small, tabletop vacuum chamber on the cheap using an old scroll compressor he got from a discarded dehumidifier, some common household items, and a vacuum gauge.

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Introduction to Power Electronics by TI (Videos)

Introduction to #Power #Electronics by #TI (Videos)

Power electronics is very important nowadays, with the emergence of IoT, Green Energy and Electric vehicles, this field becomes very fast growing and adapting. But it is must to know the basics, TI’s four-part Power 101 fundamentals course covers several topics that a design engineer needs to understand when it comes to power management design. Goto course.

Difference Between Watts And Volt-Amperes

EE basics What is the Difference Between #Watts And #Volt-Amperes

Both watts (W) and volt-amperes (VA) are units of measurement for electrical power. Each of these values can be used for various purposes. It is very important for EE to know when and where to use W and VA, read more on electronicdesign.com