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The Reason Behind All Metal Hotend Jamming

The Reason Behind All Metal Hotend Jamming

Recently we got a complaint from one of our customer that the PLA is jamming in Chilly All Metal Hotend, which we make. To address this issue we did some quick search and found that JAM is common to any hoted in the world (say e3D, Prusa, etc.) , here are some helpful topics why the JAM occurs especial with PLA filament, but not on other high temperature filaments.


New Product: All Metal Chilly Hotend for RepRap and 3D Printers

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Designed and Made In India.



Chilly Hotend for RepRap and 3D Printers – Simple, Reliable, Open Source and Affordable Hotend for RepRap and 3D Printers.

It is named chilly hotend, because hotend is hot. Designed and Made In India by aSensar

It is very modular and easy to assemble. Chilly Hotend is compatible with popular hotends like Jhead, E3D, etc.

So If you have a extruder for Jhead for E3D hotend, Chilly Hotend will perfectly fit in that place as a low cost replacement.

With and without fan

Buy Chilly Hotend India from DIY-India.com

New Arival: MK7 and MK8 Gears

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Now buy the highest quality MK7 and MK8 Drive gear for extruders in India from DIY-India.com, MK style gear is used in direct derive extruders of 3D Printers and RepRaps.

Made by precise machining of stainless steel and Brass. The drive gear includes a M3 set screw and is suitable for typical NEMA17 motor shaft (5mm), Compatible with 1.75 mm and 3mm filaments

MK7 is available in Brass and SS Material, where as MK8 is available in SS Material.

Buy Now: https://www.diy-india.com/shop/3d-printing/mk7-and-mk8-gear-82/

#HowTo Cleaning blocke#HowTo Clean blocked #3Dprinters #extruder #nozzled #3Dprinters #extruder #nozzle

#HowTo Clean blocked #3Dprinters #extruder #nozzle

Tow effective methods to clean the blocked nozzle,

  • Cold Pullout Method
  • Cleaning with flame torch and acetone

Checkout the detailed guide 2 Methods for cleaning blocked 3D printers extruder nozzle – DIY-India.com.

Fast magnetic hotend changer

Build this fast magnetic hotend changer and swap the hotend in just minutes. Checkout the video by René Jurack