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PoisonTap a hacking device built with Raspberry Pi Zero

#PoisonTap a #hacking device built with #RaspberryPi Zero

PoisonTap created by hacker and developer Samy Kamkar, can even break into password-protected computers, as long as there’s a browser open in the background.

All a hacker has to do is plug in the device and be patient. The worst part? It takes one minute, and basically, other than plugging it in and removing it, no other skills are required.

Built on a Raspberry Pi Zero microcomputer, once PoisonTap is plugged into a USB port, it emulates a network device and attacks all outbound connections by pretending to be the whole internet, tricking the computer to send all traffic to it. If that’s not alarming enough, after the device is positioned, it can steal the victim’s cookies, as long as they come from websites that don’t use HTTPS web encryption, according to Kamkar.

Important : After reading this article, you’ll think twice about going out to lunch while leaving your computer unattended at the office.

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Google Project Zero – Hack Nexus and Get $200,000 price

#Google #Project #Zero #Security #Contest

From September 20, 2016 until March 14, 2017, Google is launching its Project Zero Security Contest that will offer cash prizes to contestants able to hack a Nexus 6P and 5X given only the device’s phone number and email address. Know more details about Project Zero Security Contest


  • First Prize – Awarded to the first winning entry. $200,000 and a guest blog post on the Project Zero Blog.
  • Second Prize – Awarded to the second winning entry. $100,000 and a guest blog post on the Project Zero Blog.
  • Third Prize – Awarded to additional winning entries. At least $50,000 awarded by Android Security Rewards and a guest post on the Project Zero Blog.

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Booting Linux in Play Station 4

Booting #Linux in #PlayStation 4 (aka #PS4)

A group of open source hackers called fail0verflow has made the PlayStation 4 game console the latest hardware platform capable of running Linux. They’ve also touched off a cat-and-mouse game between Sony and the open source community over keeping the device Linux-friendly, which could be indicative of struggles to come during the IoT revolution.

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Researcher Hacks Self-driving Car with $60 #lidar spoofing device

Researcher Hacks Self-driving Car with $60 #lidar spoofing device generates fake cars, pedestrians and walls

The multi-thousand-dollar laser ranging (lidar) systems that most self-driving cars rely on to sense obstacles can be hacked by a setup costing just $60, according to a security researcher.

This clearly indicated the self driving car needs to evolve more.

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