CNC – A web-based CNC milling controller for the Arduino running Grbl.

A web-based #CNC milling controller for the #Arduino running #Grbl. It runs on an Raspberry Pi or a laptop computer that you have Node.js installed, connecting to the Arduino over a serial connection using a USB serial port, a Bluetooth serial module, or a Serial-to-WiFi module like XBee or USR-WIFI232-T.

Project page on Github

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Dobot: Open Source Robotic Arm Kit for Everyone

#Dobot an #OpenSource #Robotic Arm Kit for Everyone

Dobot has been created by a team of six engineers based in San Francisco California and has been designed to provide a 4-axis high accuracy, high repeat precision, stepper motor, Arduino-based, desktop robotic arm for makers, educators and anyone else there would like to learn more about robotics and have their very own precision desktop programmable robotic arm.

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