Sonnet a neural network library open sourced by Google DeepMind

#Sonnet a neural network library #opensourc ed by #Google #DeepMind

Sonnet is a object-oriented neural network library. Sonnet doesn’t replace TensorFlow, it’s simply a higher-level library that meshes well with DeepMind’s internal best-practices for research. Read the official announcement of Google DeepMind


Handle robot from Boston Dynamics

Handle #robot from #BostonDynamics, a robot with wheels leg

The robot can operate in tough environments — on hills, in the snow and over uneven terrain. It’s able to do this with a height of 6.5 feet that surpasses that of most humans. On wheels, it can move at a chipper nine mph and manage four-foot vertical jumps. If you’re wondering, the highest human jump ever recorded is 5.3 feet.

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Google Project Zero – Hack Nexus and Get $200,000 price

#Google #Project #Zero #Security #Contest

From September 20, 2016 until March 14, 2017, Google is launching its Project Zero Security Contest that will offer cash prizes to contestants able to hack a Nexus 6P and 5X given only the device’s phone number and email address. Know more details about Project Zero Security Contest


  • First Prize – Awarded to the first winning entry. $200,000 and a guest blog post on the Project Zero Blog.
  • Second Prize – Awarded to the second winning entry. $100,000 and a guest blog post on the Project Zero Blog.
  • Third Prize – Awarded to additional winning entries. At least $50,000 awarded by Android Security Rewards and a guest post on the Project Zero Blog.



Google is open sourcing Seesaw — a Linux-based load balancing system.

#Seesaw is open-sourced – a Linux-based load balancing system by #Google

The code for the project, which is written in Google’s Go language, is now available on GitHub under the Apache license.

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Github repo: