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Download #free #eBook FPGAs For Dummies

Download #free #eBook FPGAs For Dummies

This eBook examines how FPGAs work, the history, and the future of FPGAs in system design including heterogeneous computing and OpenCL.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • The pros and cons of using FPGAs
  • The modern design flow of FPGAs
  • Ways to use FPGAs as functional blocks in your system

Download from here:


An #eBook #free and #open on #ESP8266 #WiFi module

An #eBook Open on #ESP8266 for #free

“Kolban’s book on the #ESP8266” – This ebook was created by Mr. Neil Kolban and dedicated it to the community.

If you are a beginner  starting with ESP8266 wifi module, then we recommend you this book. It will teach you where and how to begin things.

This book (if we want to call it that) is my collated and polished version of those notes. Rather than keep them to myself, I offer them to all of us in the ESP8266 community in the hope that they will be of some value.

You can directly download this book from

Thanks Mr. Neil Kolban for your effor in creating such a wonder full ebook and sharing it open.

Site Link Kolban’s book on the ESP8266 | Neil Kolban Tech.