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Jarvis AI Assistant by Mark Zuckerberg

#Jarvis #AI #Assistant by #MarkZuckerberg

#Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has finished building Jarvis, his home AI assistant. It can turn lights on and off, play music based on the personal tastes of both him and wife Priscilla Chan, automatically open their front gate for friends, make toast, and even wake up their one-year-old daughter Max with Mandarin lessons.


Area 404 – Facebook’s hardware lab

#Area404 – #Facebook’s hardware lab is where Facebook will prototype its solar drones, Internet-beaming lasers, VR headsets, and next-gen servers.

Area 404 is named after the Not Found error code. Facebook engineers kept needing to prototype new hardware devices, but the resources necessary were unfortunately not found at Facebook. Packed with giant, expensive, dangerous machines like a computer-controlled 9-axis drill, Area 404 houses one of the few rooms at Facebook Mark Zuckerberg isn’t allowed in. It’s too unsafe despite all the precautions, certifications, and training Facebook offers its hardware engineers.

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Want to Build Something – Quit Facebook

Want to #Build Something – #QuitFacebook

Being the nerd is better achieved if you are directing your time to single-mindedly learning a set of skills, rather than being suckered into grazing within walled garden content farms like Facebook where mass market entertainment, co-mingled with advertising, is the ceaselessly refreshed algorithmic dish of the day, all the better to keep a passively engaged user-base clicking.

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Clock boy – Ahmed’s huge invite list White House, Facebook, Ne-Yo, and more

Clock boy – Ahmed’s huge invite list White House, Facebook, Ne-Yo, and more

14-year-old Ahmed made a clock took into class in Texas, America. He was arrested after a teacher thought it was a hoax bomb.

Ahmed Mohamed is probably the only schoolboy with invitations from President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and astronaut Chris Hadfield, Google Fair, Box, and many more.

Was that because of Color, Name or Religion

Checkout the fan made video on twitter

Here is Ahmed’s Clock.

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