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List of Simulators and Emulators for Arduino

Here is the list of simulators/emulator for Arduino.


  1. Simulator for Arduino (Paid)
  2. simavr (OSS)
  3. emulare (OSS)
  4. Atmel Studio (Free)
  5. emulino (OSS)
  6. Proteus VSM for Arduino AVR (Paid)
  7. simuino (Free)
  8. CodeBlocks Arduino IDE (Free)
  9. Arduino Debugger/Simulator (OSS)
  10. Virtual Breadboard
  11. 123d circuits (Free)
  12. Visuino (Paid)

Did you know any simulators/emulator that’s missing in the list, leave it in comment we will add it here.


QEMU 2.6 supports Raspberry Pi 2 Emulation

#QEMU 2.6 supports #RaspberryPi 2 Emulation

QEMU 2.6 is a major release with numerous new features and improvements over the previous 2.5 branch, and according to the release notes attached below it ships with a brand-new raspi2 machine for providing Raspberry Pi 2 emulation support. This enable maker to run software that are built for Raspberry Pi 2 on emulator.



recalboxOS – Raspberry Pi OS for emulating video game consoles

#recalboxOS – #RaspberryPi #OS for emulating #VideoGame consoles

The recalbox allows you to replay a variety of video game consoles and platforms, in your living room, with ease! The recalboxOS is free and open source, and is designed to let you create your recalbox in a short time ! Raspberry Pi !