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How to Build a High Speed Photographic System with Arduino

#Howto #Build a High Speed #Photographic System with #Arduino

High speed photgraphy is a techique used to take photo of events that occurs very fast, example like the bullet through the apple or the milk drop crown.

Here are two projects you can try build yourself

via hackaday.com 1 & 2


Pi-hole a Raspberry Pi based network-wide ad blocker

#Pihole a #Raspberry Pi based network-wide #adblocker

Pi-hole is a software that turns your Pi into a Network wied ad blocker. Pi-hole Block ads for all your devices without the need to install client-side software. The Pi-hole blocks ads at the DNS-level, so all your devices are protected.

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Project: How To Build a PID Control Line Follower Robot

#HowTo #Build a PID Control Line Follower #Robot

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/tf043QsbGYM

KittenBot Team has shared a PID Control Line Follower Robot project. Though KittenBot has used thier own hardware for this purpose, you can understand and how the Line Following Robot Works and build your own. Project Page on hackster.io

Notice: DIY-India.com site is offline

Since the Indian Govt. demonetization Rs 500 and Rs 1000. DIY-India.com website will be off for few more days till the situation becomes normal.

like every Indian we are facing issue.

  • Mainly not able to get 100,50, 20 and 10 Rupee Notes for transaction
  • Most of our employees are off
  • Our suppliers and fabricators are closed

During this time our support time will help you best in after purchase product support.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We hope the situation will be back to normal soon.

Note: To get the reopening of our website, please subscribe to this blog/online magazine, You will get mail once we are back.

What is capacitor dielectric constant and How to measure it

What is #capacitor #dielectric constant and How to #measure it


For the makers who need to construct their own capacitors, you must choose a dielectric for it, otherwise known as the material that goes between the plates. One popular material is paraffin wax that is typically used for making candles. Another is resin, an easy to find material often used for automotive body repairs. Read complete article on electronicproducts.com

DIY-India.com – We will be closed from 20th to 30th September 2016

DIY-India.com – We will be closed from 20th to 30th September 2016

We are shifting our warehouse to a new location, hence we will not be able to process your order.

During this time, you will not be able to place order in DIY-India.com.

But we will do our best to respond to your mails and calls.

Update: We will open on 5th October

We couldn’t complete the shifting as expected on time (before 30th Sep). Hence we are planning to open the site back on or before 5th October

Sorry for the inconvenience


Free eBook Raspberry Pi Media Center

#Free #eBook #RaspberryPi Media Center

Imagine controlling your TV with your smartphone, dynamically streaming content that you have on various devices across your home, as and when you want. Raspberry Pi Media Center will show you how to configure the complete experience using readily available and accessible tools, so that you too will soon be enjoying your media from the comfort of your own sofa. With this practical guide, you’ll discover how you can transform your Raspberry Pi into a powerful media center. Using Raspbmc (based on the XBMC distribution), you’ll be shown how you can deploy and configure your own media center, including coverage of all the essentials from controlling your device with a TV remote or smartphone, to the creation and customization of your very own media library (including the conversion of any existing collection). You’ll even be able to stream multimedia from your devices or directly from the Internet!

Get it on packtpub.com

How to Install Android 7.0 on Raspberry Pi 3

#HowTo Install #Android 7.0 #Nougat on #RaspberryPi3

How to Install Android 7.0 on Raspberry Pi 3

As such, the system has been running quite well, the official touch screen works but not, for example, while sound over HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet running smoothly.

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Analog 3D printer inspired by Pottery

World’s first Analog #3Dprinter inspired by #Pottery

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Project: Raspberry Pi CNC – and for remote control of your CNC .

#RaspberryPi #CNC Controller is board which can control stepper motors for 3 axis devices (X, Y, Z). It uses Pololu A4988/DRV8825 drivers and can control 2 stepper motors for X axis, 2 stepper motors for Y axis and one stepper motor for Z axis.

Brain of this board is #Arduino Nano with #GRBL firmware. Board can be used separately (controlled by USB on Arduino) or can be used as hat on Raspberry Pi and controlled by UART.

More details on project site and page on hackaday.io