Manjaro ARM – Linux Distro Customized for ARM SBC

#Manjaro #ARM – #Linux Distro Customized for ARM SBC

Manjaro Arm is a project aimed to bring you the simplicity and customability that is Manjaro to ARM devices. These devices are growing in numbers and can be used for any number of applications. Most famous is the Raspberry Pi series and BeagleBoard series.

Available in 4 different edition for ARM

  • Media Edition
  • Server Edition
  • Base Edition
  • Minimal Edition

Home Page:
Github page:


piCore-7.0 – an Tiny Core Linux specialized for RaspberryPi

Today #TinyCore #Linux Developers Team announced the availability of #piCore-7.0 a version on Tiny Core Linux specialized for #RaspberryPi.

TinyCore is Linux distro with GUI all under 15MB.

Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce the immediate availability of piCore-7.0 Most interesting changes in this release:

  • single SD-card image with SSH preinstalled for all boards, no separate armv6/armv7 image anymore
  • MicroPython added to base, it offers faster and more efficient scripting than traditional shells

Official Announcement page:,19469.0.html


Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker for RaspberryPi 2

Now run any #Ubuntu Flavour on #RaspberryPi 2 with the help of #UbuntuPi Flavour Maker.

Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker is an open source tool, a shell script that lets anyone port any of the official or unofficial Ubuntu Linux flavors for the Raspberry Pi 2 single-board computer (SBC).

Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker is officially supported on the Ubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME flavors, and uses the traditional apt and dpkg package management systems from Debian GNU/Linux.

“Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker is a spin-off from the Raspberry Pi 2 initiative for Ubuntu MATE The basic idea is simple; make as many Ubuntu flavours for the Raspberry Pi 2 we can. Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker is few shell scripts and a PPA

Website of Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker: