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HypriotOS – a Docker based container OS for Raspberry Pi

#HypriotOS – a #Docker based #container #OS for #RaspberryPi

HypriotOS brings containers concept to Raspberry Pi board, HypriotOS is a stripped back Debian-based OS comes pre-installed with a number of Docker tools for Raspberry Pi versions 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Pi Zero and the compute module. HypriotOS utilizes the pre-installed Docker Engine 1.12.1, and Docker’s Swarm Mode helps spread containers between a multi-node Pi cluster, which could be helpful for developers looking to build a network of Internet of Things devices.

Visit Website: hypriot.com


Debian Based Q4OS for released Raspberry Pi

#Debian Based #Q4OS for released #RaspberryPi

Q4OS stable port for the Raspberry Pi / Pi2 series of single board computers. It is based on Raspbian distribution optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware. Q4OS is now one of the few distributions offering the full desktop environment on the ARM architecture.

Q4OS on Raspberry Pi runs reliable and fast, due to it’s very low hardware requirements. All the native Q4OS features, for example ‘Desktop profiler’ and ‘Setup tool’, are fully functional and stable now.

Know more about the release: http://q4os.org/blog.html#news151124
Official Site: http://q4os.org/

Raspbian for Raspberry Pi upgraded to Debian 8 Jessie

#Raspbian for #Raspberry Pi upgraded to #Debian 8 #Jessie
Raspbian for Raspberry Pi upgraded to Debian 8 Jessie

The Raspbian operating system is based on Debian Linux, and the different versions of Debian are named after characters from the “Toy Story” films. Recent versions of Raspbian have been based on Debian Wheezy (the penguin who’s lost his squeaker in “Toy Story 2”), but Raspbian has now been updated to the new stable version of Debian, which is called Jessie.

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#Debian 8.2 released, and update to v8

#Debian 8.2 released, and update to v8

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