Shaper Origin – Handheld CNC

#ShaperOrigin – Handheld #AugmentedReality #CNC

For those of who love wood work but do not want to invest in a CNC machine, comes a tool from Shaper that uses augmented reality to help cut out complicated patterns.


Routout CNC – Free CAD/CAM Software

Routout CNC – Free CAD/CAM Software

#Routout #CNC is a free #CAD #CAM software. Within the Routout CNC Viewer software this will allow you to create FL files and import HPGL, DXF and G – Code files for editing or converting, from Corel Draw, AutoCAD etc. These files are then sent to the Routout Manager where they will be processed and sent down the LPT port to your potter / router.

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CNC Beehive Design Challenge by GrabCAD to Save bees.

#CNC #Beehive #Design #Challenge by #GrabCAD to Save bees.

Create a new CNC beehive that is designed for sensor integration and scientific observation.

CNC Beehive for Citizen Science

About this Challenge : Total annual losses of bee colonies in the United States were at 42% in 2015 . We need to create a public science program to study why this is happening, so we can identify the causes, make societal changes, and help our pollinator friends recover as quickly as possible. Your design will help us create an optimized hive for scientific study. The goal of this challenge is to design an open source, CNC beehive that accounts for electronic sensor integration, including microphones and sensor probes. It should accommodate wireless data transmission, solar power and battery, as well as allow for observation without requiring that the bees be disturbed.

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Understanding backlash for CNC, Lathe and Milling

#Understanding backlash for beginners in #CNC, #Lathe and #Milling

Understanding backlash is one of the first things a machinist must understand in order to achieve accurate results. Checkout the youtube video.

Backlash is the play between two interfacing parts such as gears or threads. It is this play or “slop” that prevents binding and allows room for lubricants and expansion of components. One you understand backlash it is easy to compensate for it. This video provides a basic understanding of backlash to a beginner.


Project: Raspberry Pi CNC – and for remote control of your CNC .

#RaspberryPi #CNC Controller is board which can control stepper motors for 3 axis devices (X, Y, Z). It uses Pololu A4988/DRV8825 drivers and can control 2 stepper motors for X axis, 2 stepper motors for Y axis and one stepper motor for Z axis.

Brain of this board is #Arduino Nano with #GRBL firmware. Board can be used separately (controlled by USB on Arduino) or can be used as hat on Raspberry Pi and controlled by UART.

More details on project site and page on

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Area 404 – Facebook’s hardware lab

#Area404 – #Facebook’s hardware lab is where Facebook will prototype its solar drones, Internet-beaming lasers, VR headsets, and next-gen servers.

Area 404 is named after the Not Found error code. Facebook engineers kept needing to prototype new hardware devices, but the resources necessary were unfortunately not found at Facebook. Packed with giant, expensive, dangerous machines like a computer-controlled 9-axis drill, Area 404 houses one of the few rooms at Facebook Mark Zuckerberg isn’t allowed in. It’s too unsafe despite all the precautions, certifications, and training Facebook offers its hardware engineers.

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