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#BoxMaker Open Source Web App for #Box Template Generation

#BoxMaker Open Source Web App for #Box Template Generation

BoxMaker is simple and easy to setup and use web app

Enter the dimensions and app will generate a PDF you can use to cut a notched box on a laser-cutter.

Github Link: https://github.com/rahulbot/boxmaker-website


#Inkscape Extension for #Box Template Generation

#Inkscape Extension for #Box Template Generation

The tool works by generating a drawing of the pieces of the box with the tab and hole size corrected to account for the kerf (width of cut), these pieces are composed of sides, each side being a discreet object, to move a piece in the drawing the edges need to be grouped together.

Making a Box is Simple: Enter the dimensions, prefered tab width, material thickness and cut width. Then click Apply.

Site Link: Maker – Tabbed Box Maker.

#MakerCase – Easy and Customization #Laser Cut Box/Case Design Generator

#MakerCase – Easy and Customization #Laser Cut Box/Case Design Generator

MakerCase is a web-based application for designing laser-cut project cases, runs in a web browser and automatically generates a blueprint for laser cutting based on the users specifications. The user enters the desired case dimensions and material thickness, and

MakerCase lets users create cases with flat edges or interlocking edges using finger joints or t-slots for retaining nuts and bolts.

MakerCase automatically generates a three-dimensional model of the case that can be freely rotated.

When the case design is complete, the MakerCase flattens the three-dimensional model into blueprint and generates an SVG file that can be sent directly to a laser cutter. For cutting, MakerCase can be configured to compensate for the beam width of the laser and convert any engraved text into vector paths.

Makercase was written in 100% javascript, using jquery, three.js, and JCanvas on the client side and node.js on the server. More information on writing digital fabrication applications may be found at my web site .

Site Link: MakerCase – Easy Laser Cut Case Design.

Create #Cardboard #Box Templates Online

Create #Cardboard #Box Templates Online

Want to create a box, go to templatemaker.nl,  just Measure it up, choose a template and print it. This page is a resource for DIY artists, graphics designers and everyone who likes paper crafts.

What makes this site special is that the templates are all dynamic

Yyou can customize almost all dimensions. All templates are free, no login is required.

Site Link: templatemaker.nl.