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UDOO X86 – 10x powerful than Raspberry Pi 3

#UDOOX86 is the New PC: the most powerful #x86 maker board ever and an #Arduino101-compatible platform, all embedded on the same board.

It is based on Quad Core 64-bit new-generation x86 processors made by Intel®, designed for the PC domain. Prodigious processors concentrated in 14 nm, with an amount of energy consumption of 5 or 6 Watt. funded via Kickstarter Campaign.

know more on www.udoo.org


Intel Joule – high performance platform for IoT

#IntelJoule – high performance platform for #IoT

Intel Joule is a high performance system-on-module in a tiny package with low-power consumption. Intel says Joule is ideal for computer vision, drones, robotics, industrial IoT, AR, VR, micro-servers and all other applications requiring high-end edge computing. Intel is making Joule module available in two variants – 570x and 550x. Read more

MKR1000 – new Arduino hardware for IoT.

#MKR1000 – new #Arduino board for #IoT.

The new IoT hardware, the Arduino MKR1000 and Genuino MKR1000 cost around €30. It has been designed to add a Wi-Fi shield to the Zero module for IoT designs. Read more on arduino.cc

Apple introduces Raspberry Pi like board for IoT

Apple introduces Raspberry Pi like board for IoT

Apple Device is an amazing piece of hardware. It’s incredibly small, has a lot of computational power, and works with all the HomeKit devices you already own. The ability to just plug it into a computer and have a tiny *nix device connected to the Internet is great.

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VGA Adapter for the Pi Zero

#VGA Adapter for the #RaspberryPi Zero

Hackaday.io user [mincepi] designed a PCB that mates with a VGA monitor and the Pi Zero board and–according to his estimates–costs about $3.62 each

You can order the boards from OSHPark, or you can make boards yourself. There are even instructions for recycling old VGA cables for connectors if you don’t want to buy new ones. Read more

Project page on hackaday.io

HORNET a prototyping platform for robots development

#HORNET a #prototyping platform for #robots #development

HORNET is a prototyping platform released by Maker Club. Currently, the microcontroller board is priced on the Maker Club online shop at $54.99 including the flat rate.

via http://www.intorobotics.com/hornet/

New Arrival: Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Board

#NewArrival on DIY-India.com #RaspberryPi #NoIR #Camera Board
Buy Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Board on DIY-India.com

Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module is add-on for Raspberry Pi that does not have an IR filter installed. Like the regular Pi camera, it attaches to Raspberry Pi by way of one of the two small sockets on the board upper surface. This interface uses the dedicated CSI interface, which was designed especially for interfacing to cameras. The CSI bus is capable of extremely high data rates, and it exclusively carries pixel data.
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Now Get your custom RaspberryPi Boards,

Now Get your #customized #RaspberryPi Boards,

New deal with manufacturing partner Element14 enables them to produce customized RaspberryPi. Whether for small Kickstarter projects or large industrial applications, interested parties can mod their Pi before buying it.

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