AdaPilot – open source safety critical flight controller system.

#AdaPilot – #opensource safety critical #flightcontroller system.

The development platform at this point is from AdaCore. They sell Ada tools commercially, but there are free, open-source versions at The platforms address Ada across the board down to a configurable/customizable run-time library consisting of the “Small Footprint” (SFP) and Ravenscar profiles. AdaPilot is looking for supporters and contributors.

There are other autopilot open-source projects already out there like OpenPilot and ArduPilot.

AdaPilot website:


Ada vs C, Which Programming Language is Best

#Ada vs #C, Which #Programming #Language is Best

C and Ada, are two classical programming languages, they have thier own strengths and weaknesses and suggesting when to use (or not use) each. These two languages are interesting to look at; C because it’s often the default choice for real-time and systems programming, and Ada because it has a successful (but not as well known) record in these same areas.

C and Ada have gone through various updates since their inception. I’ll use the most recent version of each standard—C 111 and Ada 20122—as the basis for the comparison. These reflect how the languages are evolving to meet current and future technological trends and challenges, even though at present it’s more typical to find earlier versions of the languages in use.

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