3DPrinting is finally failed

#3DPrinting is finally failed

A few years ago (2014-15), 3D printers were all the rage. The medias were running crazing claiming that 3dprinter will reduce outsourcing, and every home will have on 3dprinter, etc, etc….

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Pingshape 3D Printing Design Guide

#Pingshape #3DPrinting Design #Guide have worked hard to compile all that knowledge and experience into one place. So, if you’re new to the additive manufacturing world or want to become a 3D designer, here’s your step-by-step guide from ideation to creating your design.

From selecting modeling software to Design Principles, common problem and how to over come them + lots of tips and tricks till the way to selling the models. Important thing is the guide is FREE.

Checkout the guide on