New Product: Internal Tooth Washer and External Tooth Washer

An tooth lock washer has teeth that extend radially inward to bite into the bearing surface. The tooth lock washer is designed to prevent a nut or bolt head from loosening with the strut action set up by the teeth. The teeth, also, absorb shock and vibration. The teeth abrade the grounding surface in electrical grounding applications to improve the electrical connection.

Product URL:
External Tooth Washer
Internal Tooth Washer


New Product: Dome Nut / Acorn nut, Flange Nut, Square Nut

An dome nut, also referred to as crown hex nut, blind nut, cap nut, domed cap nut, or acorn nut (UK), is a nut that has a domed end on one side. When used together with a threaded fastener with an external male thread, the domed end encloses the external thread, either to protect the thread or to protect nearby objects from contact with the thread. In addition, the dome gives a more finished appearance.

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Dome Nut / Acorn nut

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New Product: Angle Corner Connector

These 90 Degree Angle Corner Connectors are milled with precision from solid aluminum, so they are stronger than extruded corner supports. This Corner Connector/Bracket is suitable for 20mm T Slot/V Slot Aluminium Extrusion Profile.

Two holes, one in each corner allow you to easily connect two pieces at a 90 degree angle. You’ll also need M4 or M5 button head bolt/screw with compatible size of T-Nuts

Product URL:
Angle Corner Connector

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