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ISRO launched 104 satellites

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) created a record by blasting 104 satellites into space on 16th Feb, 2017.

Formed in 1969, Today ISRO has achieved a success. This remarkable success is outcome of Made In India NOT Make In India

This achievement is just another milestone, other units have to learn from ISRO and replicate the same.

We wish Team ISRO all the best in their never ending mission…..


Video on Impedance Matching 101

#ImpedanceMatching 101 presentation by Ward Silver, N0AX at Pacificon 2012.

Youtube URL:

A great introduction on methodology and techniques to achieve optimum energy transfer between a electronic circuit source and load. Knowing these fundamentals allows for best system performance. More of Mr. Silver’s work is found monthly in the ARRL QST publication, “Hands-On Radio” column.