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Hello World Magazine from Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry Pi Foundation Launches New Magazine called Hello World

Magazine Hello World

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Internal Combustion Engine in Slow Motion

#IC #Engine in #SlowMotion and #4K Slow Motion

Ever wanted to see whant happens inside the Internal Combustion Engine, here is a wonderfull video by Warped Perception, that too in 4K Slow Motion.

Check youtube video:

You can see just how and engine really works and the internal engine combustion process via a see Through Glass Head on Briggs and Stratton Internal Combustion Engine in Slow Motion and 4K Slow Motion.

We made a glass head for a Briggs and Stratton engine to make the combustion process visible.

Happy Republic Day 2017 #RDay2017 wishes from Team

Happy Republic Day 2017 #RDay2017 from Team on 68th Republic Day

ASUS Tinker a RPi clone SBC from ASUS

#ASUS #Tinker is almost a complete #RaspberryPi clone

ASUS launched Tinker Board (exact clone of the Raspberry Pi, I/O pin for I/O pin). The ASUS Tinker is a bit of a mixed bag compared to the current Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board. It has double the RAM at 2 GB but it is powered by a Rockchip RK3288, a 1.8 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 processor versus the RPi 3’s Cortex-A53 chip. For almost everything else, however, the types of ports and even their locations are a dead knocker for the RPi.

Accessories, shields, and GPIO peripherals that worked on the RPi would also work on the ASUS Tinker. The price of ASUS Tinker Board is selling for 55 GBP, roughly $68 and nearly twice that of the Raspberry Pi.

SOPINE A64 – Compute Module USD 29.00

#SOPINEA64 – Compute Module for USD 29.00, A good alternate to $30 Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

#SOPINEA64 a #ComputeModule powered by the same powerful Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit Processor used in the PINE A64 with 2G LPDDR3 RAM memory, Power Management Unit, SPI Flash and integrated MicroSD Slot (for bootable OS images microSD card).

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UDOO X86 – 10x powerful than Raspberry Pi 3

#UDOOX86 is the New PC: the most powerful #x86 maker board ever and an #Arduino101-compatible platform, all embedded on the same board.

It is based on Quad Core 64-bit new-generation x86 processors made by IntelĀ®, designed for the PC domain. Prodigious processors concentrated in 14 nm, with an amount of energy consumption of 5 or 6 Watt. funded via Kickstarter Campaign.

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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

#RaspberryPi #ComputeModule3

Raspberry Pi has launched CM3 and CM3L

Compute Module 3 by Raspberry Pi in a more flexible form factor, intended
for industrial application. CM3 is the Raspberry Pi 3-based revision of the
original Compute Module.

The Compute Module contains the guts of a Raspberry Pi 3 (the BCM2837 processor and 1GB RAM) as well as a 4GB eMMC Flash device (which is the
equivalent of the SD card in the Pi).

A lite version of the compute Module 3 is also available. The CM3L brings the
SD card interface to the Module pins so a user can wire this up to an eMMC or SD card of their choice.