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Understanding backlash for CNC, Lathe and Milling

#Understanding backlash for beginners in #CNC, #Lathe and #Milling

Understanding backlash is one of the first things a machinist must understand in order to achieve accurate results. Checkout the youtube video.

Backlash is the play between two interfacing parts such as gears or threads. It is this play or “slop” that prevents binding and allows room for lubricants and expansion of components. One you understand backlash it is easy to compensate for it. This video provides a basic understanding of backlash to a beginner.


Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 support in Fedora 25 Beta!

#RaspberryPi 2 and 3 support in #Fedora 25 Beta!

Fedora Project proudly announced that support for Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computers is finally coming to the Fedora Linux operating system. Fedora is now ready for Beta!. Know more. Fedora Wiki on RaspberryPi

Free Animation Course by Pixar Animation Studios on Khan Academy

#Free #Animation #Course by #Pixar Animation Studios on #KhanAcademy has created a FREE course in collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy is sponsored by Disney.

This video will give you an overview of Pixar’s filmmaking pipeline and prepare you to dive deeper into the STEAM topics that follow in the Pixar in a Box curriculum. Know more



Arduino, the world’s leading open-source ecosystem for educators, Makers and IoT developers of all ages, today announced that Arduino LLC (aka and Arduino srl (aka have settled their differences and signed a settlement agreement. Read more

F-Engrave – open source gcode generator for CNC Engraving and V-Carving

F-Engrave – #opensource #gcode generator for #CNC Engraving and V-Carving

F-Engrave is a text or image to g-code program (for both engraving and v-carving) that is written in python and is based on the text engraving software. Imports DXF and Bitmap images and support CXF and TTF fonts. Know more on Project Site

How To select the Raspberry Pi version for your project?

#HowTo select the #RaspberryPi version for your #project?

Raspberry Pi is very popular, over the time there are a number of different models and versions of the Raspberry Pi computer. But which one is best for your project? has created a article to make this task simple, Read more

gifify – a linux tool to create GIF from video

#Gifify Convert any video file to an optimized animated #GIF. Either in its full length or only a part of it.

Github repo: