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Free eBook A 3D printing handbook from

#Free #eBook a #3Dprinting handbook from

When it comes to 3D printing, there is a giant gap between learning material for beginners and content meant for the extremely experienced. We’re here to help. Get it from


HypriotOS – a Docker based container OS for Raspberry Pi

#HypriotOS – a #Docker based #container #OS for #RaspberryPi

HypriotOS brings containers concept to Raspberry Pi board, HypriotOS is a stripped back Debian-based OS comes pre-installed with a number of Docker tools for Raspberry Pi versions 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Pi Zero and the compute module. HypriotOS utilizes the pre-installed Docker Engine 1.12.1, and Docker’s Swarm Mode helps spread containers between a multi-node Pi cluster, which could be helpful for developers looking to build a network of Internet of Things devices.

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NuGenius – DNA imager powered by Raspberry Pi

#NuGenius – #DNA imager powered by #Raspberry Pi

City imaging firm Syngene has introduced the NuGenius, which it says is the first gel imaging system in the world to be run by a Raspberry Pi. It quickly generates high quality images of DNA gels and can be used in various applications such as detecting disease-causing genes. Read more.

Intel Joule – high performance platform for IoT

#IntelJoule – high performance platform for #IoT

Intel Joule is a high performance system-on-module in a tiny package with low-power consumption. Intel says Joule is ideal for computer vision, drones, robotics, industrial IoT, AR, VR, micro-servers and all other applications requiring high-end edge computing. Intel is making Joule module available in two variants – 570x and 550x. Read more

Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

Source: Gartner

Analog 3D printer inspired by Pottery

World’s first Analog #3Dprinter inspired by #Pottery

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Happy 70th Independence Day – 2016

Wishing fellow Indian’s a happy 70th #IndependenceDay – #2016


Project: Raspberry Pi CNC – and for remote control of your CNC .

#RaspberryPi #CNC Controller is board which can control stepper motors for 3 axis devices (X, Y, Z). It uses Pololu A4988/DRV8825 drivers and can control 2 stepper motors for X axis, 2 stepper motors for Y axis and one stepper motor for Z axis.

Brain of this board is #Arduino Nano with #GRBL firmware. Board can be used separately (controlled by USB on Arduino) or can be used as hat on Raspberry Pi and controlled by UART.

More details on project site and page on

GRBLWeb is web based GCODE sender and controller for GRBL

#GRBLWeb is web based #GCODE sender and controller for #GRBL. With GRBLWeb you can control multiple machines.

Project page on Github

Area 404 – Facebook’s hardware lab

#Area404 – #Facebook’s hardware lab is where Facebook will prototype its solar drones, Internet-beaming lasers, VR headsets, and next-gen servers.

Area 404 is named after the Not Found error code. Facebook engineers kept needing to prototype new hardware devices, but the resources necessary were unfortunately not found at Facebook. Packed with giant, expensive, dangerous machines like a computer-controlled 9-axis drill, Area 404 houses one of the few rooms at Facebook Mark Zuckerberg isn’t allowed in. It’s too unsafe despite all the precautions, certifications, and training Facebook offers its hardware engineers.

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