Project M.A.R.S. a 3D printed space exploration vehicle

#Project M.A.R.S. a #3Dprinted space exploration vehicle, M.A.R.S stands for MADspace Advanced Robotics System

The brainchild of Paul Wagener, Tom Geelen, Sedar Yildirim, and Guus van der Sluijs, all members of the MADspace hackerspace in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, M.A.R.S. is a “curiosity-inspired robotics platform” which takes the form of a 3D printed rover. The vehicle, designed to move across the surface of a planet “or other celestial body”, is—like the first project on this list—powered by a Raspberry Pi, but drives on six wheels, of which four can steer. M.A.R.S. is also equipped with four logitech c270 webcams—perfect for exploring new terrain and reporting on visual findings.

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