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5 open source home automation tools

5 #opensource #homeautomation software stacks

With an ever-expanding number of devices available to help you automate, protect, and monitor your home, it has never before been easier nor more tempting to try your hand at home automation. Whether you’re looking to control your HVAC system remotely, integrate a home theater, protect your home from theft, fire, or other threats, reduce your energy usage, or just control a few lights, there are countless devices available at your disposal. has listed some of the open source stack home automation application. These software runs on personal computer to a Raspberry Pi. Read more on


10 Front End Design Rules for Developers

10 Front End Design Rules for Developers

A front-end developers job is to turn a designs into reality via code. Understanding design is an important, this will help them understand the design and do efficient coding. has compiled some font end design rules. If you want to dive into frontend design this may help you, read more on

Cheap Hoverboards unsafe for use

Cheap #Hoverboards unsafe for use

Cheap Hoverboards or Self-balancing scooters that do not meet the safety standards pose an unreasonable risk of fire to consumers. Consumers risk serious injury or death if their self-balancing scooters ignite and burn.

Hoverboards are not yet popular in India, sooner it may become. so don’t fall for cheap, choose quality product.

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New Product 2020 T Slot Aluminium Extrusion on


Made of aluminum, its exactly 20x20mm square and has slots on all four sides. You can use T-nuts that slide into the slots to connect plates, Buy now on

How To build yourself a Amazon Echo with RaspberryPi

#HowTo build yourself a #Amazon #Echo with #RaspberryPi

An Amazon employee has put together a detailed step-by-step guide which you and I can use to build our very own Echo speaker with Raspberry Pi. Yes, it’s going to have Alexa.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for obtaining the sample code, the dependencies, and the hardware you need to get the reference implementation running on your Pi. View the guide on

Free eBook – 3D Printing with SketchUp

#Packtpub #Free #eBook #3DPrinting with #SketchUp

This offer is limited for only 15 hours. Get this book on

OLO an app to turn Smartphone 3D Printer.

#OLO an app to turn #Smartphone #SLA #3DPrinter

OLO’s technology is simple – yet brilliant – because half of its hardware is already in your pocket, making it easy for anyone to print in 3D.

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Free Udemy Course Arduino 101 on Intel Curie

Free #Udemy online Course #Arduino101 on #IntelCurie

Learn about the latest Arduino that contains the Intel Curie Module. The Arduino 101 module contains two tiny cores, an x86 (Quark) and a 32-bit ARC architecture core, both clocked at 32MHz. The Intel toolchain compiles your Arduino sketches optimally across both cores to accomplish the most demanding tasks.

Udemy course url:

Know more about Arduino 101 on and

Raspbian Linux and NOOBS distributions updated

#Raspbian #Linux and #NOOBS distributions updated
Raspberry Pi

New releases of Raspbian GNU/Linux and the NOOBS installer package appeared on the Raspberry Pi Downloads page last week. These have come very soon after the initial Pi 3 support releases, so they appear to be primarily aimed at bug fixes and enhancements for the new hardware. Checkout download page

Liam – Apple’s recycling robot

#Liam – #Apple’s recycling #robot

Apple Inc on Monday unveiled a robotic system called Liam to take apart junked #iPhones and recover valuable materials that can be recycled, such as silver and tungsten.