KIRI:MOTO and META:MOTO is Web based slicer and 3d modeler

#KIRIMOTO and #METAMOTO is Web based #slicer and #3dmodeler

KIRI:MOTO is a 3D slicer and code generator. For 3D printers, it produces gcode. For laser cutters, it emits DXF and SVG files. It runs entirely in-browser and uses web workers to take advantage of systems with multiple cores.

META:MOTO is a block modeling tool where the unit building blocks are stamps that can be replaced with other models or imported meshes. This allows for sophisticated designs to emerge from simple primitives

Stewart Allen has shared the createtion of slicer and moduler for 3dprinter, here is his post on google groups for deltabot.

After spending hundreds of hours fighting (and trying to fool) slicers into doing “the right thing” by tweaking my solid models, I decided to take matters into my own hands and did the only obvious thing … write a new slicer 😉 It only took about a year. It’s javascript/webgl, so it runs in-browser and is completely cross-platform. Oh, I also started a modeling tool, which is kind of fun and different. There are youtube tutorials on the main site.

The slicer/cam:
The modeler:

The site:


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