DIY Self Driving Car Project with RaspberryPi and OpenCV

#DIY Self Driving Car Project with #RaspberryPi and #OpenCV

Raspberry Pi+ Python + OpenCV Neural Network + Haar-Cascade Classifiers

Learn more about the project:


8 responses

  1. My husband would be all over this. Totally cool!


    1. Great, If possible share some photos of the project.


  2. I’m pretty stuck up in this. I’m unable to execute both the modules of ultrasonic sensor as well as the image capturing on the raspberry pi. I would be grateful if you help me out with this


    1. You can directly get help from author of this project on his webiste or github page. All the best.


  3. how can we apply this project to our daily using car?


    1. You need to figure out


  4. Please, explain the circuit diagram of Self Driving Car Project , that we may able to develop this project. thank you


  5. Can u share more data on this project. Do that I may be able develop this project. Thank you.

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