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$5 Raspberry Pi Zero is now out.

$5 #RaspberryPiZero is now out

The Raspberry Pi Foundation today announced its latest wonder: The ultra-low-cost Raspberry Pi Zero. At $5 per unit, it may rank as the world’s cheapest computer.

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$8 computer C.H.I.P. will open for Pre-Orders on Cyber Monday

$8 computer #CHIP. will open for Pre-Orders on #CyberMonday (November 30th)

C.H.I.P. the simple and smallest, cheapest SBC is now going for pre-order. It will be at discounted price of $8 instead of $9 kickstarter price.

Go get it in:

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Debian Based Q4OS for released Raspberry Pi

#Debian Based #Q4OS for released #RaspberryPi

Q4OS stable port for the Raspberry Pi / Pi2 series of single board computers. It is based on Raspbian distribution optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware. Q4OS is now one of the few distributions offering the full desktop environment on the ARM architecture.

Q4OS on Raspberry Pi runs reliable and fast, due to it’s very low hardware requirements. All the native Q4OS features, for example ‘Desktop profiler’ and ‘Setup tool’, are fully functional and stable now.

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Official Site:

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Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book out now

Official #RaspberryPi Projects #Book out now

The 200-page Official Raspberry Pi Project Book is the ultimate guide for hackers and makers looking for inspiration, ideas and practical examples for their Raspberry Pi projects. Learn how to get started with your Raspberry Pi, read about dozens of incredible community-made projects and master new skills with essential guides and walkthroughs. The Official Raspberry Pi Projects book also contains never before printed material from the first five issues of The MagPi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine.

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RaspberryPi2 is now the default Windows 10 IoT Development platform

#RaspberryPi2 is now the default #Windows10 #IoT Development platform
Raspberry Pi

Microsoft on page says

Support for Windows on Intel Galileo Gen 1 and Gen 2 will end on November 30, 2015

As we continue to focus on providing a great experience for Makers with Windows 10 IoT Core, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue Windows support on the Galileo platform. We’ve seen some fantastic innovation with the platform, but unfortunately, it does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 IoT Core. Please click here to learn more.

With this effect, Microsoft ends Windows 10 support for Intel’s Galileo boards

Microsoft is recommending that developers move Windows 10 projects to the popular Raspberry Pi 2.

Here is how you move to RaspberryPi2 :


Build Your Self Temperature Controlled Reflow Oven

#BuildYourSelf Temperature Controlled #ReflowOven

To build modern circuit prototypes, one often needs to use surface-mount components. These components are less expensive, smaller, generally have better performance characteristics, and can be wired much closer together electrically (reducing unintended parasitic effects). A low-end convection-reflow oven is expensive. Very inexpensive infrared-only ovens are available, but will cause problems when used with larger boards or boards having a mix of large and small parts especially if the parts are of varying IR absorptive characteristics.

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