#VisualStudio for #Arduino Programming

The Visual Micro main menu provides quick access to most Arduino features in Visual Studio

 Visual Micro now includes extra build flags (project properties) that allow additional compiler include paths and switches to be included in all phases of the Arduino build process. + A new programmer option enables the Atmel Studio Device Programming tool to be used as an alternative Arduino Upload tool. This means that the Visual Micro software debugger can be used in combination wth a high speed Atmel programmer. Read more

Atmel Studio is a good ide but it only supports Arduino devices that are based on Atmel processors.

Visual Micro is a free plugin that implements the simple but powerful Arduino development features into the Atmel Studio 6.2 Ide. Atmel Corp. are the manufacturers of the Arduino micro-processors and provide a free Ide called Atmel Studio. Visit: http://www.visualmicro.com.


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