#Mycroft: Best #OpenSource #ArtificialIntelligence platform For Everyone


Aiming to put the power of Artificial Intelligence into the hands of everybody, the team behind Mycroft has just launched a Kickstarter campaign offering the world’s first open source, open hardware Artificial Intelligence platform that’s based on the Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino development platforms.

Because it is an open source and open hardware platform, the possibilities are nearly infinite and are only limited by the capabilities of the developers, makers and tinkerers themselves.

The system works by using natural language processing to respond to your voice and is capable of responding to many commands that are likely to be used in today’s era of online services including YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and others.  According to the team, saying a specific command such as “Mycroft, play ‘Uptown Funk’ from YouTube on my Chromecast” is all that is needed.

But connecting to existing online media streaming services is only a small part of what Mycroft is capable of.  Additionally, users can program it to post to their Facebook account, control a Roomba, start a 3D printer, or even control their smart home appliances such as a SmartThings hub, WeMo devices or Phillips Hue lights.  Additionally, since the platform’s core is built off of the Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino platforms, the amount of free online tutorials and documentation for expanding the capabilities to other connected devices is seemingly limitless.

Know more: Mycroft: An Open Source Artificial Intelligence For Everyone by Joshua Montgomery — Kickstarter.


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