Driving Your Car Will Soon Be Illegal

Driving a car will be illegal by 2030. Our economy will be severely impacted as millions of truck drivers, cabbies and delivery people are put out of work. In this era of endless innovation, man’s century-long relationship with the automobile is about to be permanently disrupted.

Last year, more than 275,000 Chinese, 238,000 Indians and 33,000 Americans died in preventable traffic accidents

The reason has nothing to do with millennials, Uber, climate change or improvements in mass transportation. Driving should and will be made illegal because we now have the technology to prevent deadly traffic accidents; one of the greatest causes of premature deaths around the globe. More than 1.2 million people are killed in car accidents globally each year (which is more than the total casualties suffered by both sides in the Korean War).

Read more Driving Your Car Will Soon Be Illegal | TechCrunch.


One response

  1. I would dispute these findings. Automated vehicles can suffer mechanical fault; come under the influence of environmental conditions such as ice on the roads; be hacked; and collide with people such as children who run into the road at the last minute. Coding a machine to handle all conditions is hard, and until a machine can develop wisdom, a human will always be the best candidate to drive a vehicle, especially those experienced in dealing with poor weather conditions such as snow and rain.


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