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Is (AMZN) about to get into the #3DPrinting business?

Is (AMZN) about to get into the #3DPrinting business?

Here are the clues

  1. **February 2015** – Amazon files a Patent on 3D Printing
  2. **August 27th** – was just registered by Amazon through brand protection company

3D printing has certainly been one of the hotter trends to take off over the years.

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VeinViewer projects – Less guess, less pain

There are few things worse than having to get a shot at the doctor’s office — one of those things is having to get pricked multiple times while the medical worker tries to find a vein.

A new technology — aptly referred to as “VeinViewer” — looks to do away with all this poking and prodding, by way of near-infrared light.

VeinViewer uses this level of light to create a digital image of a patient’s vasculature in realtime.

Formally, Christie Medical Holdings, the company behind VeinViewer, refers to the product as a vascular access imaging device that assists clinicians in finding the optimal venipuncture site, and avoid potential stick complications.

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#Intel India launches #Maker Lab in #Bangalore to support startups

#Intel India launches #Maker Lab in #Bangalore to support startups

Intel India has launched an Intel India Maker Lab, a platform for entrepreneurs and innovators to “accelerate product innovation” in Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices and compute domains. The Lab will support 10 startups initially and provide them with development kits, reference boards, hardware and software tools for developing and testing.

The startups will also be provided business and mentoring support.The Lab’s selection process for its first ten startups will be completed in October and will get the ball rolling thereafter.

Startups can contact to know the application process.

The Lab will be set up in Intel’s Bangalore campus. Intel India claims that its Lab initiative is a non-profit initiative, not designed to build or augment Intel India’s own software development activities.

#Inventor of #Email is a #Tamilan, a #Indian

#Inventor of #Email is a #Tamilan, a #Indian

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#HowTo Program #TinyG, #TinyGG2, #Grbl, or #Arduino from #ChiliPeppr

You can now program any Atmel or Arduino board directly from inside ChiliPeppr. You need Serial Port JSON Server v1.83 or higher to have this feature be available. It works on Windows, Mac, or Linux including the Raspberry Pi.

#HowTo make your prints stick to your #3dprinter bed – Video

#HowTo make your prints stick to your #3dprinter bed – Video

#HowTo build a yourself a #3DPrinted Tablet using #RaspberryPi

#HowTo build a yourself a #3DPrinted Tablet using #RaspberryPi

Adafruit has shared a project on how to build yourself a 3Dprinted tabled. this project showcases the scalibility of a 3D printed project for the Raspberry Pi.

This are the parts we used in this project, but it can be customized. e.g If you’d like to only have the Raspbery Pi and display. You will need some hardware to mount the components and secure the enclosure.

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • 2x PowerBoost 1000C
  • 2x 6000mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • PAM8302 Audio Amplifier
  • Pigtail 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Slide switch
  • JST-PH extension cable
  • Thin plastic speaker

Checkout the Complete Build Instruction.

#HowTo build a WiFi Switch/SmartSwitch using ESP8266, Attiny85 and Android app

#Project #HowTo build a WiFi Switch/SmartSwitch using ESP8266, Attiny85 and Android app

The Wifi Arduino 85 is a small board with ESP8266 -01 module, Attiny85 micro controller and a relay. It Also has and additional header for connecting an external relay or to connect sensors like PIR, IR etc depending on your application. If you are a tinkerer you will also be able to connect a HC-05/06 Bluetooth module and convert this board to a Bluetooth Arduino 85 board.

I am going to make a Swith board using the following ingredients

  1. Wifi Arduino 85 Board (comes with ESP8266 -01 module)
  2. Mobile Charger (5V 1A DC )
  3. PIR Sensor
  4. Plastic Gang Box(4″X7″)
  5. Varistor (270V AC)
  6. Three Pin Socket
  7. Three Pin Plug
  8. Switch
  9. Double sided tape

Apart from this you will need a blade to cut the plastic box and a screwdriver

Lets start building it …

View Project Wifi Switch board or Smart Plug with Esp8266, Attiny 85 & PIR Sensor with android app.

Which #ESP8266 Module is right for you

Which #ESP8266 Module is right for you

The ESP8266 is an amazing chip for all your home automation & Internet of Things projects. This chip costs less than $5, has WiFi connectivity, an onboard processor, and is compatible with the Arduino IDE. I already wrote a guide on how to get started with the ESP8266, but I wanted to dive deeper and answer a fundamental question: how to choose your ESP8266 module?

Indeed, there are many choices available on the market, and it is easy to get lost between all of them. This is why I wrote this guide to help you out choosing your ESP8266 module for your next project. This list is of course non-exhaustive, but these all are modules I tested myself and I was satisfied with. Let’s dive in!

Read the complete guide How to Choose Your ESP8266 Module – Open Home Automation.

An #eBook #free and #open on #ESP8266 #WiFi module

An #eBook Open on #ESP8266 for #free

“Kolban’s book on the #ESP8266” – This ebook was created by Mr. Neil Kolban and dedicated it to the community.

If you are a beginner  starting with ESP8266 wifi module, then we recommend you this book. It will teach you where and how to begin things.

This book (if we want to call it that) is my collated and polished version of those notes. Rather than keep them to myself, I offer them to all of us in the ESP8266 community in the hope that they will be of some value.

You can directly download this book from

Thanks Mr. Neil Kolban for your effor in creating such a wonder full ebook and sharing it open.

Site Link Kolban’s book on the ESP8266 | Neil Kolban Tech.